Systemic Inquiry

A spiritual practice, a way of relating

SYSTEMIC INQUIRY is for people interested in contemporary spirituality which combines traditional spiritual approaches with psychological understanding.

Specifically we apply a systemic perspective to relating, both in couples and in groups, with the aim of accelerating spiritual development and integrating our realizations into daily life.

We offer Systemic Inquiry to both couples and individuals working in groups.

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The Spiritual Perspective of Systemic Inquiry

The basic premise of Systemic Inquiry is that our fundamental nature, our Being, naturally reveals itself, taking us beyond ego boundaries and identification with the separate self.

This movement of Being is seen as an optimising flow towards expanded states of consciousness that can occur in all of us.

In the process of Systemic Inquiry the optimising flow manifests naturally and intelligently within the immediacy of presence, bringing insight and transformation.

Co-operation and interaction with other people who recognise and align with the optimising flow will further support and accelerate the movement toward increased presence and awareness.  

The Systemic Perspective

In Systemic Inquiry we apply a systemic perspective to the context of spiritual development. Seeing groups and relationships as 'systems' points us to the underlying unity and interdependence which all spiritual traditions acknowledge.  

The systemic perspective has been developed in various scientific disciplines. In the world of psychology it is used as a means of understanding group dynamics and as a therapeutic tool.

Do you want to gain insight, accelerate and deepen your inner work?

You can use the relationship and group context of Systemic Inquiry to quickly become aware of the patterns that limit you.


Would you like to learn a way of relating that supports your spiritual development?

Systemic Inquiry teaches a new way of relating that opens boundaries, supports resonant connection and encourages individuation.


Would you like to integrate your spiritual realizations into daily life?

It is relatively easy to be calm and clear on the meditation cushion or in the retreat – Systemic Inquiry teaches skills for bringing our realizations into our relationships.  


Michael Welsby and Odile van Eck

"We have developed Systemic Inquiry by combining systemic perspectives and methods with Inquiry. This is then applied to our work with clients, our own relating and our personal inner journey. "